6 Best MEC Third-Party Email Outreach Integrations

No matter how successful your business is, or has the potential to be, you should keep an effective communication with your customers/clients. This is where a proper event management tool comes in handy.

First of all, you should choose an appropriate WordPress Event Management Plugin. You should certainly have a clear view of what you need. Flexibility of the plugin you choose is also vital.

After that, comes the issue of integration. Be careful what you select. Whatever it is, it must be compatible with email marketing tools. As mentioned earlier, communicating with your customers is your key to success.

Let’s assume you are familiar with Modern Events Calendar as the best WordPress event calendar.

MEC Third-Party Email Outreach Integrations

Today we are going through a number of plugins which are among the best email marketing tools integrated with MEC.



AcyMailing is a stunning newsletter plugin suitable for configuring and setting up your newsletter with just a few clicks.

Even if you are not a developer, that would be no problem. You will not need to know even a bit of HTML in order to get your business started with AcyMailing.



  • Subscription forms
  • With AcyMailing, you can create numerous types of subscription forms. Here are the types of them:
  • Using a module in Joomla
  • Using a widget in WordPress
  • Shortcode (for WordPress)
  • Popup (just in the Enterprise version)
  • Header (just in the Enterprise version)
  • Footer (just in the Enterprise version)
  • Manage Subscribers

You can manage all your users using a bunch of tools, such as searching and sorting (‌Search Area, Filter by list, Status, and Sort by), Columns (Email, Name, Creation Date, Lists, xxx Users, Status, and ID), and Actions (Export, Import, Subscribe, Create).

Custom Fields

If you have the Enterprise version, extra fields can be added to your subscription form. Importing users with those fields and exporting extra fields are also possible. Then, you will be able to include these fields in a Newsletter.


Managing a newsletter has never been this easy. You can add some content in the main area of your template and everything will be fine.


The automation is a great feature using which you can do a number of actions on a specific number of AcyMailing users.

In AcyMailing, there are two types of automation:

  • Mass action: this refers to one or several actions that you can apply directly on specific targets.
  • Automation: this refers to the mass actions triggered automatically on specific frequency or users actions.


The queues helps you see what is about to be sent. There a number of things you can do, such as pausing/cancelling emails or removing users manually.

Statistical Reports

AcyMailing will tell you how many of your email receivers have opened your email. You ask how? By Open Rate Statistics.

In all of the HTML emails that are sent by AcyMailing, there is a small picture.

AcyMailing can increment the number of times this picture has been opened and based on this, it will tell you the percentage of users who have opened your Newsletter at least one time.


AcyMailing lets you add new features using new addons, as long as they are integrated with the plugin.

Bounce Handling

Bounce email is when you send a message to a non-existing e-mail address and an automatic reply is sent to you saying that that e-mail address does not exist.



Mailchimp helps you create engaging emails so your brand flourishes and skyrocket your sales. Mailchimp email tools will optimize your business as good as it gets.


Email Template

With Mailchimp's email marketing software, you can create stunning, exclusive emails in order to engage your audience. A variety of drag-and-drop email templates has made everything easy for you to start. Even if you got a hand in coding, you can design your own in Mailchimp’s email builder.

Content Optimizer

Mailchimp’s Subject Line Helper will help you absorb your right customers with the right subject lines. Beside, its Content Optimizer gets you personalized suggestions so that you can create a more appealing email copy, imagery, and layout.


Make everything automatic without losing a single personalized touch.

Click Maps

Track your email campaigns and check out your sales reports. Click Maps lets you easily check where people clicked in your emails, so to help you tailor your content for more engagement.

Social Media Management

You can reach your audience from a single platform, without the need to log in to every single one social media.

Constant Contact

Regardless of your experience in the digital marketing realm, Constant Contact is here to help you achieve whatever you need. Constant Contact is super easy to work with, helping you direct your sales, engage your audience, and track whatever is happening for you.



Track down who has opened, clicked on, and shared your emails with others. Also, see what’s new in the trend to have better insight of the future.


You have a huge inventory of templates in front of you. Just choose!


Automatically send emails to those customers who have shown engagement.

Customer List Management

Manage your contacts easily in one place and keep in touch with the right people.

Facebook, Instagram, and Google Ads

Integration with social media such as Facebook, Instagram and Google Ads has made everything easy for you to save more time.

Website Signup Forms

Expand your customers list by having pop-up signup forms that attract people in the first sight.

Social Posting

Manage all your social media data from a single place, leading to a huge amount of saved time.



Collect subscribers, strengthen customer relationships, automate workflows and monetize your audience with MailerLite’s advanced email marketing features.


Create Beautiful Campaigns

You can easily create your own campaign using MalierLite drag & drop editor. You’ll have interactive content blocks at you hand to get a more personal email or you can also build custom campaigns using the built-in HTML editor.

Monetize Your Audience

Incorporate e-commerce platforms such as Shopify and WooCommerce into your website is now possible. Use custom product blocks and track your customers’ buying behaviors in order to have an optimum email campaign.

Automate Workflows

In MailerLite automation builder, you can build advanced marketing workflows and use triggers to automatically notify you and deliver you emails. Setting up RSS campaigns is alos another option, using which you can notify subscribers about new content or automatically resend campaigns to increase engagement.

Send Targeted Campaigns

If you are looking to have a great campaign, you should consider sending personalized content to each and every one of your subscribers. Using some personalization features such as segmentation or tagging you can deliver pertinent content to them.

Detailed Reports

Track your campaign performance meticulously. Using MailerLite’s embedded email surveys, visual clickmaps, up-front analytics, sales monitoring, etc., you’ll be aware of the best way to launch your next campaign in order to reach success.



Simply automate your tasks and track Emails with Engagebay’s amazing Email marketing tools and dozens of other free sales tools to save hours of your time every day.

Engagebay allows you to Schedule Appointments Effortlessly and make CRM calls to build a stronger relationship with your customers and help you take your marketing efficiency to the next level.


  • Connect Modern Events Calendar to EngageBay | WP Fusion

Track Emails

EngageBay email tracker helps you track all responses to your emails. You can receive notifications whenever someone opens the emails you sent, or when somebody downloads a document, visits a landing page, or unsubscribes your requests.

Schedule Appointments Effortlessly

Make it easy for your clients to schedule appointments. Share a calendar link in your signature or as part of the email content and let your leads schedule appointments at their convenience. Set up reminders to make sure you don’t miss any meeting. Sync all appointments from your Google or Office 365 calendars with EngageBay and have all your appointments in one place.

Make Calls Directly From CRM

Make a phone call to your customers directly from EngageBay. By using EngageBay for your calls, you’ll get their relevant information on a simple screen, helping you personalize your calls and build a stronger relationships with them.

Service Automations

EngageBay benefits from an advanced service automations platform using which you can get down to the support job professionally.

Campaign Monitor

Campaign Monitor

Campaign Monitor is here you grant you everything necessary for a wonderfully-designed, expert email marketing campaign.


Reach a Bigger Audience

You want to get yourself introduced to a wider range of audience? Use signup forms.

Transactional Email

Based on your users’ behavior, you can trigger automatic emails. With Campaign Monitor, you can be certain that your transactional emails are truly optimized according to your regular marketing emails.

Marketing Automation

Campaign Monitor’s intuitive visual journey designer lets you create a detailed, minute timely schedule for sending your emails in order to elicit the best result.

Link Review

The Link Review tool in Campaign Monitor automatically searches your emails and marks any abnormalities in your hyperlinks, whether they might be broken or outdated.

SMS Marketing

SMS and email marketing is the perfect combo! You can perfectly build a sturdier connection with your audience and make the most of ROI.


Our intention is to help you promote your business as conveniently and efficiently as possible, and with the importance of event management tools for an effective communication with your audience, MEC offers the best compatible event management integrations with a wide range of options such as automation, templates, queues, reports and add-ons which makes Modern Events Calendar not only an events calendar plugin but also a complete marketing tool for your business.